Every year we make massive resolutions about how we are going to eat healthier, exercise more or spend less time on our smartphones, but how can we stay healthy

Practice shows that many of these resolutions fail early on. A shame, because we make these resolutions for a reason. We want to feel fit, vital and healthy for as long as possible. The reason why many people fail in this is because the bad habits have become routine and changes in this require conscious effort. These tips will help you avoid temptation, help you to tackle unhealthy habits or give you a big stick so that you can maintain these changes for longer on this website. 

Use an old-fashioned alarm clock and leave your phone out of the bedroom

One bad habit many of us want to cut is the overuse of smartphones and social media. Our cell phones are becoming more capable these days and are taking over functions from other devices. One feature that you probably also use on a daily basis is the alarm clock function on your phone. When we wake up using this alarm clock it is necessary to physically grab it before it can be turned off. This is also a time when the temptation to look at a screen and spend time on social media is high. By using an old-fashioned alarm clock, you remove that moment of temptation.

  • Additionally, you can take it a step further by not using a smartphone at all in the bedroom. Looking at a screen before bed hinders the production of the sleep hormone melatonin which ensures a good night’s sleep. Should you not be able to sleep immediately after entering the bedroom, reading a book is a healthier alternative.

Make improvements to your work posture

Of those with a sedentary job, the majority report that they experience physical complaints. In particular, rsi, neck and back pain are common occupational diseases among office workers. Fortunately, there are numerous aids available today that can help prevent these ailments.

Many complaints arise from a lack of movement during a long working day. By using an ergonomic office chair, you can keep moving even while working. Many employers have a budget available for ergonomic tools in order to prevent sick leave and contribute to satisfied employees.

  • Also for freelancers and home workers, an ergonomic chair should not be missing at the workplace. The standard dining room chairs, which many home workers work on, are not made to sit on for long periods of time and do not have the properties that are necessary to prevent pain caused by prolonged sitting. Therefore, make sure that your workplace at home is also set up in an ergonomically sound manner.
  • You will notice that these tips are easy to put into practice and will bring about a big positive change in your life. So don’t wait too long and experience the positive effects yourself on wgf2010.eu