VITAAL is a cutting-edge, comprehensive approach for geriatric rehab. It utilizes wearable sensors for monitoring a patient’s condition and performance, as well as a web-based interactive interface for giving evidence-based cognitive and physical training



The key to VITAAL’s effectiveness is the use of its innovative mesh technology, which allows doctors to not only see but measure, monitor, record, and analyze a patient’s condition in real-time. Patients can access the web based interface from anywhere, and the system is accessible via a mobile app, laptop or desktop computers, even PDA’s. This cutting-edge treatment helps patients to realize their full mobility and quality of life. Studies show that patients who undergo this intervention enjoy increased mobility for an average of three months, and the results are permanent with medicine like Tramadol on

  • The innovative Fitbits system is built on patented technologies and innovative software to help healthcare providers to get up-to-date on a patient’s condition and medical history, while providing physicians with the tools they need to make better informed decisions about their care. Patients receive in-person supervision from qualified physicians using specially designed software applications, in addition to the VITAAL reimbursement they are entitled to because it was developed in collaboration with the American Recovery Association and the National Institute for Healthcare Leadership and Consulting.
  • VITAAL software can be downloaded at no cost to the patient, and patients are reimbursed automatically each time they utilize the software and other services, without the need for out-of-pocket cash. In addition to reimbursement payments, VITAAL users also have the option to purchase additional package deals, which include: Care Planning Workshops, Clinical Billing Solutions, and Practitioner Education and Training.

In addition to being a convenient and affordable solution, VITAAL offers a number of additional benefits.

For example, the system empowers dentists and dental care providers to manage multiple patients at once. Because the program is HIPAA ready, all providers will be required to take a comprehensive medical history and complete a standard patient information form on In order to maximize their potential for reimbursement, dental health providers will also be required to complete a Standard Dental Health Assessment, which looks at a number of factors in order to determine a provider’s eligibility for reimbursement. In order to keep abreast of current healthcare trends, VITAAL users will also be required to access a full calendar of all the key healthcare dates, which helps them monitor their eligibility for reimbursement. As another feature, users receive automatic updates and invitations to upcoming medical events, such as: “natal classes,” “pediatric visits,” and “child/family classes.”